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With Ebonyi College Of Medicine, Umahi To Stop Medical Tourism Outside Nigeria




Governor David Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State is set to put an end to medical tourism outside Nigeria by constructing Ebonyi college of medicine which is almost completed.

The Ebonyi College Of Medicine which is the first of its kind when completed will put an end to medical tourism by Nigerian leaders outside the country.

According to the report, the Ebonyi College of Medicine will feature foreign Practitioners and professionals when completed.

Also, the college of medicine will treat renal malfunctions, perform kidney transplants, etc.

The gigantic project, a resident of the State, Igboke Nwancho described Umahi as a grandmaster of infrastructure.

He said when the project started last year, he didn’t believe that the project will be completed by Governor Umahi.

He thanked the Governor for putting the interest of Ebonyians first in everything he is doing.

Recall that in December 2020, the Special Assistant on Media to Umahi, Mr. Francis Nwaze said the project is the brainchild of the Governor borne out of his quest to build an international and uncommon medical institution in the state.

He noted that Umahi’s desire to surmount poor or shoddy jobs in the medical college of excellence and other projects in the state, the Governor took it upon himself to use his wealth of experience in construction to make all projects in the state a quality one and this he achieves through his regular inspections.

“The Medical College project is unarguably progressing at a very high speed – A project that started 3 months ago but already has about 20 solid structures at decking level while another 10 are 100% completed.”

“While inspecting the projects, Umahi applied high technical knowledge in testing the level of curing and quality of the concrete mixture. The first was to spray a certain quantity of water on the newly casted concrete and observe it closely, if it produces bubbles, then, the curing is not complete. He explained that curing concrete for 14 days after mixture will make the job a solid and quality one which will last for years without complaints.”

“When you don’t cure the concrete very well it will collapse.

“After 14 days of curing, bubbles will diminish on examining it with water while exposed to the hot sun.

“After casting, you cure it for 14 days to ensure that it has completely firm and solid,” he said.


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