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True life Story: Understanding how God works makes life worth living!




When my wife and I became homeless and decided to start laundry, we had just finished from the small corner of an uncompleted building where we had our first dresses washed.
We delivered it at 7 pm that evening hoping to get paid 1,250naira.
At least that could give us food that evening and transport to where we could lay our heads.
After delivering, we waited outside with my wife for an hour, hoping the household will bring out the money but after much waiting, we discovered they had locked their doors.
My wife asked me to knock again.
She was pregnant and we had not eaten.
After several attempts, the wife of the man whose clothes we washed, opened the door and was furious at us.
Is it because of 1250naira that you want to bring down my door?
She slammed the door right before me and went in.
Come back in the morning, she said.
Ashamed, I took my wife and we left.
She could barely walk well because she was feeling pains already and very hungry.
We tracked for like an hour then got to a place we wanted to sleep which is a bit secured.
There was this aboki outside charging phones.
My wife suggested we give her phone to the guy and borrow 1000naira to eat because I didn’t have a phone anymore.
I sold mine to get a few materials to start washing dresses.
We did.
Never collected that phone till today.
After years of struggling, I have realized you don’t allow your past clash with your future by nursing unforgiveness.
That family never paid us the 1250naira.
Sometime early this year, I was told that a woman came pleading to put a small container to be selling sachet water in a small piece of land I have somewhere.
I went down to see her and behold it was Aunty that almost hit my head with their iron door.
Things changed for her husband.
He lost his job and house and they could barely feed.
She decided to start something small to support the family.
Normally I should collect rent for that little space yearly but to ensure I had forgiven her properly, I gave her free.
Now here is the thing, she doesn’t even know that I am the same guy she offended years ago.
I never raised the issue up.
Hear me…
…hurt makes you feel right, yes it does but unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the one who hurt you to die.
I don’t know who has hurt you so badly.
You might be crying reading this because you have sworn never to let go, it’s time to be free.
Free yourself from those chains of unforgiveness.
You deserve more.
Good morning wonderful people
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