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She Has No Legs But He Proposes To Her(Photos)




You, yes you, with complete body structure yet you hardly SMILE like this woman!
“After losing my legs I wasn’t sure if we would still be together. I was wondering could you be with me without the legs? Well God well showed me that a true king will love all of my flaws.
He said I will make you my Queen. I love you more than I did before.” He said, “you won’t ever be able to run out of my life. Baby, I realized that we were so great for each other.”
He needed me and I needed him and we couldn’t give up on each other. We fought hard for our love, yes 17 years of fighting.
No matter that after all we had endured the loss of loved ones the loss of limbs but he didn’t refuse to lose any more time and he decided to never spend another day apart!
“Baby you surprised me with 17 balloons and 17 roses and I thought that was enough but then you got on your knee and popped the question! Call me Mrs. Seldon because I said YES !!!!!!”
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