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Black Is Evil, Africans Must Stop Saying They Are Blacks – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome




The founder of Loveworld Ministries a.k.a Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has blasted Africans who call themselves black. He also condemned the Black Lives Matter movement, IgbereTV reports.

Pastor Chris during a telecast to his members, stated that black means the absence of color and is not associated with any good thing.

He also wondered why Africans who rejected the negro and nigga tag will accept being black when they all mean the same thing.

Pastor Chris said:

“Maybe I should tell you something those of you that say black lives matter, I feel sorry for you, do you really believe you have a black life? Do you want me to tell to you the meaning of black? Who called you black? Shouldn’t you have rejected that from the beginning, a contradiction, a bundle of contradiction, you refused negro and nigga but that’s what black is, so you took the English version negro means black, do you know what black is?

Tell me, have you ever seen black, do you know the meaning of black? Black means the absence of color, absence of good, absence of light, absence of direction, that’s the meaning of black, black is not a color, is the absence of color, it’s like you’re sick don’t you understand it? So now you call yourself black lives, it’s about time Africans say to themselves, we’re not black, because we’re not black, what is black in your skin?

How black are you? Really? They keep laughing at you as you call yourself black, they keep laughing at you, open any dictionary find out the meaning of black and tell me if you find anything good associated with the word black. Find out, you’re not black you’ve got to change it, the same way negro, nigga became a racial slur, black should be labeled a racial slur because it’s used in connection with your color because you’re not black, black is not a color it’s the absence of color, better if you’re called people of color it’s okay, color is nice, that’s not a bad one, people of color but let no one call you black, because black is not good and you’re not black, compare your skin color to black your skin color is not black, the definition of black is not good it’s been used in destroying you and you’re using it, it’s a constant confession.

Listen to names matter, if names didn’t matter God will not change the names of certain people in the Bible, names matter, so when you keep calling yourself black, you’re calling yourself absence, light is absent, color is absent, Good is absent, then how would you ever come to a place of brightness, you’ll always be under, you’ll always be under. Refuse to be black, you’re a man of color a woman of color that’s fine not black. Black is not a color I remind you.”

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