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Woman Bought A Gate To Shut Her Baby Out Of The Kitchen, The Baby Did This(video, photos)




A baby has been labeled smart, intelligent, and brilliant for what he does just to get its apple sauce.

Here is the moment showing how a little baby genuinely raises the kitchen gate purchased by her mother to prevent her baby from going to the kitchen when she is not around and the little baby does this.

In the video, the baby genuinely raises the gate to pass, and then he checked the water in the sac to see if it’s interested before going to the drawer to get its apple sauce.

This is a very bright child and he is also well mannered. I love how he made sure the drawer was all the way closed and the gate was let all the way down both times.

He threw the apple sauce over the gate because holding it while lifting it would be too much work and he then put the gate back in place.

He didn’t seem to actually see where the snack landed after he threw it, yet he went right to it. He also went to the side of the stand to reach under. How the hell did he know to do that? Like how did he know he’d have a better reach from the side as opposed to the front?!

Watch The Video Below,

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