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SCAM: Nigerian Lady Based In Ireland Speaks On Dating A Guy Abroad(video,photos)




Some people have that misconception that it is very difficult for a Nigerian lady to get a man abroad, be it a white or black man. It actually isn’t difficult it just depends on the lady, her attitude, appearance, and the situation.

Before you say I am speaking plenty English let me explain what I mean based on my experiences in Ireland where I currently reside.

1. Before you start complaining that no one is walking up to you, ask yourself this “do I look approachable”. The truth is a guy would walk up to you if you look approachable because you cannot be frowning or doing resting bitch face and expect someone to walk up to you. Some people are not okay with rejection o and don’t get me wrong some people also fancy frowning o but to each their own. My advice is to access yourself and the situation before complaining

2. If you are more of an introvert I can understand how this might be difficult for you but the truth is the best place to meet people is outside your bedroom because you get to see them physically and connect on a different level, you can also meet people online but c’mon some of us are skeptical right but if meeting people online will work or works for you, then kudos.

3. Another thing is you have to be true to yourself in the sense that you need to ask yourself “what do I want” because you cannot be looking for entanglement and then expect someone’s son or daughter that is looking for marriage to be entangling with you. Often times when looking for something you need to ask yourself if that is what you want. And if someone walks up to you looking for more than you are looking for, then just tell them.

4. Lastly, try not to be biassed towards dating apps because in as much as they might look useless and everyone just wants sex, there are people who don’t just want sex, so try it out and if it doesn’t work for you then you know it’s not for you but if it works for you then it does.

To round off my points I would just say be approachable or look approachable, dress nicely, and try not to be rude to people… Also, some people who are complaining that they cannot find men are chasing the men away with the way they talk or the way they relate with people. And on that note, I would like to also say that Nigerian ladies or women abroad do get approached. BTW, Nigerian girls are balling over here in Ireland.

Watch an in-depth video where my friend and I discussed;

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