On Sunday, 9, 2020, Tochi involuntarily walked away from the luxuries of Big Brother’s house into the real world.

The newly evicted reality star had built the gentleman persona through his short stay in the house, a move which may have ruined his chances of grabbing the prize.

Tochi [Instagram/@tochi.official]
Tochi [Instagram/@tochi.official]

In a recent interview with Pulse, the latest reality star opened up about never really being the competitive type and how this influenced his strategy and relationships in the house.

“Leaving the house, I was a little bit disappointed but it is a game and someone had to go and it was me”, Tochi admitted.

Tochi insists his strategy was never to be competitive [Instagram/@tochi.official]
Tochi insists his strategy was never to be competitive [Instagram/@tochi.official]

Apparently, the Aba born reality star had set out to win hearts on less dramatic grounds. His gentlemanly strategy was for him, being himself. But almost always, being noncompetitive and easy-going is no way to win the hearts of the viewers who demand no bars held entertainment.


“My strategy had always been to be myself, play the game, win the cash, and interact with people. I guess people have different options so maybe people wanted me to be gentle as I was or loud but I am not that too loud person but I guess I disappointed some people but it is what it is”.

Loyalties will certainly be put to test with the current eviction style that has housemates voting out fellow housemates. Tochi, like previously evicted housemates, was at the mercy of the housemates. Surprisingly, Prince, who was one of his closest buddies in the house pulled a Judas on him.

“I don’t really take it at heart cause it is a game. People eliminated people for different reasons. Some people did it because they weren’t cool with me and some people did it because I was a competition. So, it’s a game. Somebody had to go”.

While Tochi denies knowing the true intentions of most of the relationships in the house, he revealed that in the first week of his stay, he developed a soft spot for Tolanibaj. Once again, he let his non-competitive side get in the way following the interests she began to show Prince.

Even gentlemen have their moments and the audience did see some of Tochi lose his cool especially with a housemate, Lucy. “I wouldn’t call Lucy my least favorite housemate but we did not get along in the house”, Tochi said.

Tochi and Lucy [Instagram/@tochi.official] Tochi and Lucy [Instagram/@tochi.official]

For the future, Tochi has expressed a desire to delve right into the film and music industries while pursuing a career in real estate management.