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The UAE Is Against Employee Discrimination




In reference to an earlier post stating that a Dubai company mentioned all Africans except Nigerians, I would like to make something very clear as my 9 years in the UAE has all been jobs with the locals in unimaginable places.

First, the government recently enacted a law prohibiting such, offenders will be fined 1 million dirhams. (100 million naira).

2. So many fake agencies like the one posted on that thread are only scammers who change offices on daily bases after accumulating consultation fees from job seekers. They are mostly made up of Indians who charge 300 and for a visit. Once you apply you get a call congratulating and inviting you. The moment you arrive they take 300 AED and promise to contact you.

The reason the violated the law by mentioning Nigeria could be because Nigerians no longer fall for their tricks. Also, Nigerians give them hell on earth if they take the money without offering any job.

That thing is not a company but a group of Indian scammers posing as agencies to scam desperate job seekers, since they cant scam Nigerians they resulted in ignorantly violating the law.

Imagine a company without any public contact info, I found their actual contact which even contradicts what they claim which means that ad is also for scamming.

I am taking action against them and this thread will be updated.

The UAE needs skills and law-abiding residents, not skin colors, etc.

Credible firms hire anyone with the brains. Even banks in the UAE have Nigerians as workers. I occupy a position in the government so stop equating these low life scammers with the government.

The UAE government is against discrimination. I am a Nigerians who worked and is still working and treated as a brother and colleague.

Have the skills and you won’t be insulted by these fake agents.


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