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I have seen it written in many places and many platforms, several videos, posts, blogs, etc, etc, the words, “BLACK LIVES MATTER”.
I definitely believe that black lives matter and that’s because of All Lives Matter.
The part about this whole thing that gets my attention the most is what’s going on in Africa and particularly in Nigeria being the most populous black nation on earth.
Do black lives really matter to the black lives in Africa? What about black lives in the Western World? Well, that is a thought for another day.
If Black Lives matter to Black Lives, how did slavery or slave trade start in the first place? Who are those that sold their fellow black men to the white slave traders? Who are those who worked for these white slave dealers? Who are the white collaborators and business partners that helped to ruin the lives of their fellow black men and became wealthy black men as a result?
Someone may wonder of what use is this thought or question? Well, let’s ask another question? Is Slave Trade really over? Are there people today who are selling their fellow Blackman for peanuts today just to satisfy their greed and gluttony?
Let’s find out. Who are those involved in kidnappings and banditry in Nigeria today? What is the difference between kidnapping your fellow citizens for ransom as we see today in Nigeria particularly in the North and the kidnapping of those days when they sold them to white men?
How about terrorism? Are these not black men killing black men? Who are the terrorists and Fulani herdsmen targeting? Their fellow black men. How about the killings in Southern Kaduna? Black men killing black men. With what? AK 47 sold to them by white men.
Are those selling our crude oil for peanuts and importing refined petroleum products at exorbitant prices and then afterward collect subsidy from government? Who are those who have ensured that our refineries do not work? The thoughts are many but I must stop here.
My thoughts are, do Black lives really matter to Black Lives?


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