Intestinal worms which are parasitic organisms that feed off their host get their way into a person’s system through simple channels like consumption of poorly cooked foods or poor toilet sanitation, this is why worm expeller brand in Nigeria has made a list of five habits that need to be addressed to be free from parasitic worms.

  • Poor Hand Hygiene

Intestinal worms commonly get into the body through what you consume. A person can be infected if he comes in contact with infected foods, soil, faeces, or an infected person. This is why it is important to wash your hands properly – before and after use of the toilet, before you start cooking and before you eat.

  • Open Defecation

Defecating on open grounds can help the spread of intestinal worms. When an infected person passes out feces, the eggs of the worm living in them are transferred to the soil in the area where he is defecating. These eggs can get into the body of another person who unknowingly handles this contaminated soil or walks barefoot on it.

  • Improper Food Handling

Parasitic worms can be consumed from meats not properly cooked, poorly washed vegetables, or food that have unclean surfaces or unwashed hands. To stay safe from intestinal worms, it is important to practice food safety guidelines when cooking and serving.
  • Drinking unclean Water

Some parasitic worms live in water and drinking unclean waters can allow them into your body. It is important to check the sources of your drinking water to ensure it is safe and treated. Also, be sure to regularly sanitize containers used to store drinking water in your home.

  • Careless Home Hygiene

Soiled shoes, unclean toys, dirty toilets, contaminated surfaces are a few examples of things that can welcome parasitic worms into your home. Eggs of parasitic worms can be easily transferred from a person or object to another. This is why general home hygiene is important. Spend time cleaning commonly used surfaces in your homes like the kitchen counter and the floors. Avoid soiled outdoor shoes from being used within the house. Toilets should have running water and always be clean.

There are at least five common types of intestinal worms, each one enters into the body through various means, but are mostly found in environments where there is a lack of proper sanitation. Currently, over 30 million Nigerians are affected by worm infestation and manifest symptoms like vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, poor growth, etc.

This is why it’s important to encourage that all families regularly deworm with its highly effective oral suspension and tablets that are suitable for both adults and children as young as six months.

Deworm your family today. A worm-free family is a healthy family.

Stay Worm Free, Stay Healthy.

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