A video shows her narrating how the sexual molestation of her baby started, saying the victim flirted with her boyfriend and he consequently broke her virginity and continued defiling her.

According to her, although the baby was in excruciating pain as a result of the defilement perpetrated on her by her grown boyfriend, she wasn’t bothered.

The heartless lady who shows no remorse for the atrocity her boyfriend committed in connivance with her appears to be recounting the cause of her child’s death to someone in a disturbing video which has gone viral.

As if that was not cruel enough, she further revealed that she used to pimp the baby to other men for sex until she died as a result of complications from the assault

“Anytime, they are having sex, I could see the pain in her eyes but I just look at them and smile. She will look at me with so much pain and fear in her eyes but I will just look off and smile,” she disclosed.

Watch the video below: