Polansky’s embrace shows he’s all in. In the photo that made the couple IG offish, Donaldson picked up on tons of romantic and sexual chemistry. “The way in which they hug each other is a mix between a cuddle hug” and a sexual one. They’ve got both types of intimacy nailed.

The other major giveaway is all about Polanksy: “The way [he] places his hand on Lady Gagas thigh is an act of sexual possession. It’s a display that says: ‘I am your man,'” Donaldson explains. Plus, that stare is a major clue that he’s already in love. Lady Gaga / Instagram

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Their selfie stance hints at a super-connected bond. Heads touching is a biggie. Here’s why: “The way that their faces are almost fused together tells us that there is a high level of emotional closeness in the relationship,” says Donaldson. They don’t have any walls up with each other or secrets that they’re holding onto.

They’re comfortable being open and trust the other person to accept them no matter what. And again, they’re showing off their sexual interest with Gaga’s slightly parted lips and Michael’s hand placed on her neck an erogenous zone. Lady Gaga / Instagram

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Polansky and Lady Gaga’s expressions are also telling. In this sweet golden hour moment, their heads are once again touching, reinforcing Donaldson’s earlier point. But she also picks up on some new info. “[Polanksy’s] facial expression is a display of calm and ease.

This hug that we see is known as the ‘protector hug,’ where he is behind her,” she explains. “This is Michael showcasing that he is providing stability and is in the protector role,” and Gaga’s lean on him shows that she’s good with that. Lady Gaga / Instagram

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Lady Gaga usually takes the lead, but it works for their dynamic. “In this image, Michael is behind Lady Gaga, she is clearly in the leadership role in this image,” says Donaldson.

But it doesn’t present a problem for the balance of their relationship. Polansky’s expression tells Donaldson he’s happily supporting her, and given all that head touching from earlier, it’s safe to say she’s there for him, too. Lady Gaga / Instagram

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Polansky’s gaze says it all. “The way in which Michael, looks directly at Lady Gaga’s face despite her not looking at his tells us that he feels a tremendous connection with her, which is why he can’t take his eyes off of her,” says Donaldson.

Gaga’s body language on the other hand showcases how much she trusts Polansky. Her grip around his neck and the way she freely throws her body back proves how secure she is in his arms. Lady Gaga / Instagram

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Their h more than fine in the intimacy department. Interlocking your fingers with someone else’s is one of the most intimate and romantic gestures out there, says Donaldson. She fully approves of this body language because “it signals closeness and trust in each other.”

What’s more, “hand-holding increases the release of the hormone oxytocin, also known as the love hormone.” I mean… Lady Gaga / Instagram