One of her favorite ways to stay centered is with her beauty routine. In an episode of Harpers Bazaar’s Go To Bed with Me Camila noted, I try to go very naturalness is more mentality. With just a quick browse of Camila’s Instagram, you will see that her skin is seemingly frozen in time. Blame blessed genetics, but it could also be thanks to what she does morning and night. Here’s the scoop:

She double cleanses.

Double cleansing is the practice of washing your face twice with two different cleansers (usually different textures). The first wash rids your face of makeup and any impurities from your day, while the second wash removes any remaining residue and addresses any additional skin concerns (like dryness, oily skin, discoloration, etc). For her first, cleanse, Camila uses peach and chamomile0infused organic oil that she massages into her skin before rubbing off her makeup with hot water and an Erase Your Face towel. And for her second cleanse, she swears by Mila Moursi Lait Nettoyant. She told Harpers Bazaar that she relies on this cleanser because it, really helps when you have this hardcore water-proof makeup on.

She uses a DIY exfoliator.

Camila turns to her kitchen when she needs a little exfoliating treatment. For that same video with Harpers Bazaar, she shared that her go-to is a mix of honey and confectioners sugar (aka powdered sugar) that she gently massages into the areas that need it. She also said that if she wants to brighten her skin she adds a few drops of lemon.

She opts for a lavender oil to calm.

A big fan of oil treatments, Camila likes to use lavender oil when her skin is acting up with acne. It’s very calming and it also helps with any little breakouts you may have, Camila, said. Her preferred way to apply it? By massaging it into her skin in circular motions. While the one she uses in the video can’t be found online, here’s one that seems very similar:

She uses a two-step approach to zapping zits.

Camila’s method for battling blemishes involves hydrogen peroxide and Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense. Camila learned from her London facialist Shirley Page to help heal “open” aka already popped pimples with a dot of hydrogen peroxide. “It’s going to make the white fizzy stuff and that’s what you want cleaning everything out,” says Camila. For the pimples that haven’t opened up yet, she uses Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense that she says works really good at “drying everything out.”

She goes for clean, natural ingredients.

While filming her nighttime skincare routine with Harpers Bazaar, Camila admitted, I have very, very sensitive skin. Her face has had a lot of bad reactions to the harsh chemicals in the high-end products facialists have used on her. So to accommodate it, she opts to use natural products as often as possible, I have to really simplify the products I use on my skin. I have to go into organic, natural, clean things in my skin. And so far its been what is working the best for me. And for her entire body, Camila likes to use 23 Skin Seaweed Powder. In an interview with Today, she told them, You add your olive oil, add salt and then you mix it up and you use it and I am telling you, your skin afterward its amazing.