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“Husband Will Be Scarce By 2023”




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Was I giving out my sisters too soon out of Revelation or some news house decide to wake up most single sisters?
What happens to useless single men out there? Is this like a hope to them? Should sisters manage block headed men cause of this news?
Who says sisters must marry by 2023? Can’t they marry in 2024, when real husbands are available?
That was probably someone’s opinion and if you read closely, it is actually a woman’s opinion especially if she just got married??.
Sisters, the power to be married lies with you. If nigga seems unperturbed, drag him into being Mr Right. Sometimes men don’t even know who they are or what they are doing?
Remember it is not the news that is the problem, the problem is, are you ready to settle down. If yes, then he is coming. Date and year, inconsequential ?
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