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Covid 19: Governor Yahaya Bello Exposes NCDC




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Governor Yahaya Bello Exposes NCDC
“The machines they are bringing to Kogi State has been programmed to record a thousand cases for Kogi, using the FMC, Lokoja.
“Anyone that goes to FMC Lokoja will be declared by them to have tested positive for CoviD-19; that is their agenda. The sample collection kits they are bringing are already infected with Covid-19. So the moment they insert into the nose, the person automatically tests positive for the virus.
“We have no case yet in Kogi State. The State Government Medical and Health Team has moved to Kabba/Bunu LGA.
“Contact tracing has started and testing too. Governor Yahaya Bello will lead from the front. We wont allow NCDC kill our people with their fake figures and desperation to get rich quick by toying with the health of the people. We will not allow that in Kogi State.
“Their figures are false, fake, fallacious and should be ignored. Kogi is still Covid-19 free till date. We can’t be bullied. We won’t join the business.”
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