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President Donald Trump: Something no American President has ever done.




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Images for the ages:
Yesterday, when he walked out like a mafia boss to the iconic church, he earned himself a title and place amongst the marketing gods. Something no American President has ever done.
If you think Donald Trump is dumb, you are dumb.
This man understands the power of optics and the human imagination. He knows how to project power and confidence even if it is unreal.
Surely, it was not an accident that he is President. He understands marketing.
When he chose to make that walk yesterday, his intent was to imprint that moment in our memories and in history because he knew the world would be watching.
Of course they had to. He is the Most Powerful Man On Earth with the biggest platforms.
Photos like these will be forever and will be viewed by unborn Americans as the day an American President walked out in the midst of his personal aides, ignoring the surrounding riot in the middle of a pandemic to stand in front of an iconic church building just to hold a Bible.
If you say; “But he is not a true Christian. He is a hypocrite”, you are still missing the point.
Trump did not have that walk to convince you that he had a divine encounter or spoke to Jesus the night prior. It was all about IMAGING.
If you are a marketer you will understand that perception is reality. It’s the reason why you buy things you don’t really need sometimes.
Trump is a marketing genius.
When he is no longer President, America will miss him.
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