Nigeria’s coronavirus death toll crossed the 300 mark on Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control announced in its daily update late on Tuesday that 15 new fatalities were recorded across the country, raising the toll to 314.

Nigeria has recorded coronavirus cases in 35 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja; but seven states have yet to record any fatalities

The highest number of fatalities has been recorded in Lagos State, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Nigeria’s commercial capital has recorded 5,277 coronavirus cases, 48.8% of the country’s total of 10,819.

A total of 67 fatalities have been recorded in the state, as of June 2. The state has announced 17 of those deaths in the past two days alone.

Kano, which has recorded the second highest number of cases (970), has recorded the second highest number of fatalities with 45 since April.

Borno, with 296 cases, has recorded 26 fatalities, the third highest of any state; followed by the FCT which has recorded 20 deaths out of a total of 687 cases.

Katsina has recorded 19 fatalities out of a total of 371 cases; while Rivers, with 248 cases has recorded 16 deaths; followed by Edo (336 cases), and Sokoto (116 cases) who have each recorded 14 deaths.

With 280 cases, Ogun State has recorded nine coronavirus-related fatalities; followed by Kaduna (297 cases), Bauchi (241 cases), and Delta (98 cases) with eight deaths each; Oyo (98 cases), and Yobe (52 cases) with seven deaths each; and Gombe (164 cases) with six deaths.

Osun (46 cases), Adamawa (42 cases), Kebbi (33 cases), and Ondo (28 cases) have each recorded four deaths; while Nasarawa (80 cases) has recorded three; and Plateau (108 cases), Akwa Ibom (45 cases), Bayelsa (21 cases), and Ekiti (20 cases) have recorded two deaths each.

The remaining states to have recorded one death each are Kwara (111 cases), Niger (33 cases), and Anambra (11 cases).

Ebonyi (40 cases), Imo (39 cases), Enugu (18 cases), Taraba (18 cases), Abia (15 cases), Benue (9 cases), and Kogi (2 cases) are the only states to have recorded coronavirus cases with zero fatalities.

Despite the worrying death rate (2.9% of total cases detected), Nigeria has also done well in the area of recoveries as a total of 3,239 patients (29.9% of total cases) have been discharged as of June 2.

858 of them have been discharged in Lagos alone, followed by 286 in Kano, and 202 in the FCT.

As of the time of this report, Nigeria has 7,266 active coronavirus cases.