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How to SAVE Money and Build a Portable Standard House




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With a population of over 200 million, all the Nigerian’s cannot build estate. And due to the daily increase in the cost of building materials, not everyone would be able to build a mansion. But if you love a good and quality house, you can manage your resources to build a portable house with good quality, instead of a big house with low quality.
You don’t need big money to have a standard house of your own, with less than one million naira, you can build a house for your immediate family. Consider you want to build this house which the picture is posted with this article, how much do you think it will cost?
The house does not take too much space and it has all the necessary accessory for a comfortable home.
The kitchen is big, and the toilet is okay.
The house should serve a family of three comfortably.
You can start saving money now or you can borrow money from friends, families or banks. If saving money is your best choice, this can be a daily or monthly saving. Daily saving would be a better way for a small business owner or anyone who has access to daily income.
Saving fifty naira daily for one year will amount to 18,300 naira while a hundred naira will give you a total of 36,600 naira in a year and two hundred naira will total 73,200 naira.
If you can save five hundred or one thousand naira daily, you will have 183,000 naira or 366,000 naira. Just follow your own pace and don’t worry about what others say or do.
Another option is to form a cooperative society with friends or people you trust or you join already existing cooperative society.
To build a house, the first thing is to get land. Don’t wait until you have millions before you start planning your own house, you can build something like this. Just get a half plot of land, after building this type of house you will still have enough space for a car park and playground for your child.
Follow the right steps, obtain the necessary documents for your land to avoid being duped.
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