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8 common supplements that can suppress coronavirus symptoms – Prof Olatunde Farounbi




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Prof Olatunde Farounbi, H.O.D, Biochemistry Department of The University of Ibadan

On Thursday, Prof Olatunde Farounbi, H.O.D at the Biochemistry Department of The University of Ibadan was live on a radio program to offer suggestions that would hopefully help the masses cope with the impacts of escalating cases of Covid-19 infections.


This comes at a time when the federal government as well as many state governments are considering reopening their economies amid rising cases of confirmed Covid-19 infections. Such advice coming at this moment in time becomes very invaluable.
During that interview, Professor Farounbi who is also the head, Oyo State Food Advisory Council, reeled out eight easy to get, but very effective herbal supplements we can consume in addition to a balanced diet. These according to him would greatly improve anybody’s chances of surviving a Covid-19 infection.
He said most deaths attributed to Covid-19 infections are as a result of aggravated symptoms of the disease. Therefore, mild symptoms would invariably mean that the body stands a better chance at recovery.
He stressed that the purpose of these supplements are to suppress deadly symptoms and to give the body’s immune system enough time to fight off the disease.
He gave some of their safe dosage as well as how each of them helps to suppress symptoms of Covid-19 infections. Here is a list of the herbs and supplements, as listed by the professor of biochemistry. :
(1) Zinc
According to the professor, Zinc is very important due to two major impact it has on the body and the virus. 40-50 mg a day of zinc improves immunity. It also has the unique and vital capability to suppress viral replication.
Think about it, viral diseases become deadly when they take over the body as a result of them multiplying uncontrollably. But now we know that Zinc can prevent the virus from multiplying in the body.
(2) Hydroxychloroquine
Over the past few weeks, American president, Donald Trump caused worldwide controversy about this drug when he first advised that health professionals recommend it to their Covid-19 patients, as treatment.
Though medical experts have since issued a disclaimer to that effect, it was quite revealing when Professor Farounbi recommended the same drug for therapeutic purposes, against Covid-19 infection.
In his remark, the professor hinted that the impact of Hydroxychloroquine is tied to Zinc because it facilitates the transportation of zinc for bioavailability. In other words, it supplies Zinc to critical parts of the body.
In addition to this, Hydroxychloroquine prevents inflammation. You may or may not know it but, inflammation is one of the most common symptoms of Covid-19. For those who might not know, inflammation is caused by an attempt of the body‘s immune system to fight off infections.
However, a response too strong by the body’s immune system, may trigger other dangerous complications that might jeopardize a patient’s life.
And now, on to cheap herbs that are readily available around us…
(3) Onions
This is the period when onions are in season. You may be surprised to learn that onions also aid the absorption of zinc. This shows that these items play complementary roles to one another.
Hydroxychloroquine’s role of transporting Zinc throughout the body will only be effective when zinc is eventually absorbed into the bloodstream. To ingest onions, you may slice it raw into foods like rice and others, or cook as an ingredient.
Besides this, onions also have anti-oxidation properties which make them very important for overall human wellbeing, regardless of Covid-19.
It was also revealed that oxidative stress, a leading cause of death among Coronavirus patients, can be suppressed by adding a good quantity of onions to your diets.
Do you also know that terrible medical conditions like cancers, Parkinson’s disease, etc are mostly caused as a result of oxidation in the body? However, onions are able to stabilize these harmful free radicals through oxidation.
(4) Ginger
Much had already been said about ginger. So I won’t bore you further. However, you may not know it, but ginger actually contains Zinc. Therefore, if you want a natural source of zinc, then eat more of raw ginger.
Besides this, the most potent ingredient in ginger is a type of gingerol that helps to combat inflammation.
(5) Garlic
I guess you might be thinking, ‘anything but garlic!’ Garlic, for all its medicinal and therapeutic uses is disdained for its strong odor which many people find quite repulsive.
What if I tell you that from my own little (personal) research, I found that you could actually eat a lot of garlic without acquiring its signature repulsive odor? That bad odor is as a result of garlic’s sulphur content.
A medical research published by BBC website in 2018 however found that certain plants eaten alongside garlic would help to get rid of that signature garlic odor. These include lettuce, potatoes, mint leaves, peppermint, basil, and a few others.
Because the garlic odor is caused by chemical reactions in the bloodstream, these other plants also react with garlic to neutralize that repulsive sulphuric odor.
Just in case you’re still curious about the effect of garlic in the treatment of Covid-19 patients, well, let me just say that it actually prevents blood thinning. Blood thinning is reportedly one of the highest causes of death among patients of Covid-19.
(6) Lemon grass
Lemon grass has long been used for treatment of malaria in Africa. This is due to its anti-pyretic properties. In other words, lemon grass suppresses high temperature. This makes it vital to the treatment of Covid-19 patients, because, high fever is a very common symptom of the virus.
(7) Atare (Alligator pepper)
First, a note of warning from Professor Farounbi. Alligator pepper should never be taken on an empty stomach, especially by ulcer patients. However, he revealed that chewing about three seeds daily helps to combat inflammation.
It also helps to fight off bacterial and viral infections. Of course Covid-19 is a viral infection, just in case you forgot.
(8) Bitter kola (Orogbo)
Professor Farounbi emphasized that research which he has been part of, for at least 25 years has proven that bitter kola has strong prophylactic properties.
According to him, it has antibacterial properties. It therefore also aids in treatment of cold, catarrh and influenza, all, distant relatives of Covid-19.
You will also benefit from its anti inflammatory properties when you chew 1-3 nuts of bitter kola per day.
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