1.Lord Kenya

Evangelist Lord Kenya says he will do God's work no matter what Evangelist Lord Kenya says he will do God’s work no matter what

After serving Ghanaian music lovers with countless secular hit songs, the veteran hiplife artiste, is now a man of God. He is now addressed as Evangelist Lord Kenya.

2.Papa Shee

Papa Shee is now a messenger of the gospel Papa Shee is now a messenger of the gospel

The Highlife star, nicknamed Wonder Boy, was hot cake in the music scene in the late 90s. His profane song, “Atadwe” was the favourite of many. Papa Shee is a pastor now and prefers to be addressed as Evangelist Papa Shee.

3. Yaw Siki

Yaw Siki Yaw Siki

The young rap act was coming into the music industry with some fire. Unfortunately for his fans, Yaw Siki’s flames were quenched after he had an accident and later gave his life to Christ. Apart from preaching in church, he sometimes hops in a Trotro to preach.

4. Timothy Bentum

Timothy Bentum Timothy Bentum

Sadly for the actor, he was a drug addict back then. A regretful lifestyle which he shares as a testimony to win souls for Christ now. As a committed christian, Timothy now organizes evangelical outreaches to preach the word of God.

5. Azigiza Junior

Rev. Azigiza Jnr Rev. Azigiza Jnr

Born Victor Kpakpo Jnr, Azigiza Jnr was one of the hottest rappers in the 90s and a popular Disc Jockey as well. The now Reverend Azigiza was the bad boy of the industry during his prime time in showbiz. He once confessed to even dating 17 girls at the same time.

6.Majid Michel

Majid Michel, wife and children Majid Michel, wife and children

It’s rare to see new movies of Majid Michel lately but easier to see him preaching. This is simply because the actor, who once upon a time never believed in God has now given his life to Christ.

7. Kaywa

Kaywa and Kiki Bankson at his ordination Kaywa and Kiki Bankson at his ordination

The renowned music producer’s “highly spiritual” signature phrase was not only for entertainment purpose. He was a committed christian and has advanced to being an Evangelist. He was ordained as a man of God some few months back.

8.Omar Sheriff Captan

Omar Sheriff Captan Omar Sheriff Captan

The former Tinsel star is also missing on the screens lately but certainly not missing when it comes to matters of God and church. The actor is also now a man of God, who believes he is gifted in the healing ministry. “My final decision to take heed to the call [of God] was in 2007” Sheriff told Stacy on her “Restoration” show.

9. Papa Nii (Oesophagus)

Papa Nii Papa Nii

If you miss seeing him on your TV, speaking with heavy vocabularies from the dictionary, then you should visit the Lifted Yoke Chapel at Korle Gonno, one of these Sundays. Henry Harding, popularly known as Pattington Papa Nii Papafio of “Taxi Driver” fame has been ordained as a Minister and he mounts the podium regularly to preach.

10. Ofori Amponsah

Ofori-Amponsah Ofori-Amponsah

The high life act worked halfway to be in this list and it will be unfair if we don’t recognize his attempt. In July 2012, Ofori Amponsah noted that he had received the calling of God to be a pastor. For this, he quit music to go into the ministry but he is now back as the “otoolege” singer. In an interview with Delay, he said he didn’t say God called him.