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Top Ten LAUGHABLE coronavirus deception peeves….Are you in support?




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Are you in support:
Top Ten LAUGHABLE coronavirus deception peeves.
1) Made up numbers
2) Fear mongering media.
3) People going out then complaining that others are also out.
4) People ratting out others for going out.
5) The idea that your fear costs my freedom.
6) Inconsistencies. Catching the virus doesn’t give immunity but a vaccine will.
7) All the people making money off it are driving the narrative.
8) Tiktok dance videos from supposedly over-run hospitals.
9) Every disease being called Covid-19
10) Bill Gates. Dr Fauci, Dr Birx.
11) You need to stay home, you’re risking our lives and first responders’ lives
12) You need to wear a mask if you don’t you’re highly contagious
13) You may already have covid19 and you’re asymptomatic that’s why you have no symptoms
If you are scared stay home, wear a mask, go the right way down the grocery store aisle and mind your business. Leave the rest of us that have to be out to it – we don’t need your fear, negativity or permission.
Culled Leon Adal
Photo: Charmaine Coxon Malalha
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