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Financial News: Find out how to invest in Amazon




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Financial News:

Is it worthwhile investing in Amazon in 2020?

After the world stock market Black Wednesday, everyone has been asking if it’s still worthwhile to invest in technology giants. Stocks of such caliber as Apple and Facebook have lost an average of 30% of their value, but Amazon has resisted and, after a brief decline, has started its vertical ascent yet again. Amazon shares are now more accessible to investors and can increase your profit potential.

Find out how to invest in Amazon

To invest in Amazon, you must be at least 18 years old. Minimum capital required 73,000 NGN

Why are Amazon shares a potentially good product to invest in?

The company of Jeff Bezos has a multi-purpose nature.

Amazon is not just technology; it is also e-commerce, a video platform, and retail.

It is this very diversity which is Amazon’s strength, even in moments of crisis. An example is the stock market Black Wednesday, in which the hi-tech component of Amazon collapsed in value, while the e-commerce part (an increase in online sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday) and retail shopping (due to the launch of Amazon Go) both increased, saving Amazon from the gulf that hit Apple and Facebook6. The forecasts for 2020 predict Amazon’s ascent, given the success of the e-commerce sector in 2018, the launch of Amazon Prime, Amazon Go and Prime Video1.

It’s a potentially great opportunity for investors, now that the value of Amazon shares is lower.

Graphic 1 – 2020 YTD Performance of Amazon shares4

Advantages of investing in Amazon shares and future profitability3.

What makes an attractive investment is:

1) The highly positive reputation which the company has in global markets

2) Its global leadership, now more than established, in e-commerce

3) Logistical management of Guinness with an average delivery period of 1-3 days

4) Continuous launch of new products and services such as Prime and Go

They are the cornerstone factors in the success of Bezos’s company, reflected in the value of its shares.

The profit forecast for Amazon investments remain unchanged and come to around 215,001,934 NGN in 20 years5.

So it’s advisable to learn how to invest in Amazon shares.

A regulated platform for online investment makes Amazon share available (you must be at least 18 years old to invest online)

Registration on the platform is free and, with a minimum investment of just 73,000 NGN, you’ll not only be able to invest in Amazon, but you’ll also have access to:

  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Notifications and suggestions via email and pop-ups
  • Webinars and training courses about online investments

Next steps:

1) Register here

2) Finalize your registration by answering a call from our operator

3) Invest a minimum of 73,000 NGN and begin your journey as an investor

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