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Update: Nigerians are sick of malaria and typhoid and not Coronavirus – Pastor David Ibiyeomie




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The Founder of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has joined other religious leaders who believe that the COVID-19 global pendemic does not exist in Nigeria.
Pastor Ibiyeomie while speaking in jest after one of his May 17, 2020 Sunday services in Port Harcourt suggested that Coronavirus is probably an advanced stage of Malaria.
The Clergy who made reference to comments by the founder of DAAR Communications (AIT/Raypower), High Chief Aleogho Raymond Dokpesi that he was treated for malaria during his isolation period at the Gwagwalada COVID-19 Treatment center, said Nigerians are sick of malaria and typhoid and not Coronavirus.
Pastor Ibiyeomie also made a mockery of the COVID-19 strategy adopted by Nigerian Governors leading to the closure of borders, places of worship and other measures to combat the spread of the virus.
He facetiously advised the Federal government to spread funds to other states, “so they can stop all these Lockdowns.”
According to him, “I told you people that what is Coronavirus. I said it is a virus that is Corona. People are making noise about Coronavirus but to me it is rubbish. Do we make noise about malaria. But malaria kills people more in this country than Coronavirus because everyday people die of malaria.
“So, what are we talking of Coronavirus closing borders up and down for what. Nigeria does not even have it. I don’t think Nigeria has it because you’ve heard Dokpesi. He said it was malaria tablets they gave him. So, if it was Coronavirus why would they give him malaria table?
“In Nigeria they are using to eat money. Federal government eats money, governors eat money, they lie so they can get aids and associations. They don’t have malaria overseas. Nigerians that are already malaria themselves. In Nigeria, the people that have it I don’t think it is the number they are calling. When somebody has high fever they will say it is Corona, quarantine him.
“56 people have been taken, 46 people have been discharged. Where did they treat them. Okey Rivers state does not have a treatment centre. Many states don’t have centres so where are they discharging them from. Many states don’t even have testing kits. We just have so many many funny things.
“My friend read Bible so that Corona will not come near you. Me I read Bible so Corona cannot come near me. Me, I’m not afraid.
“I see all our Governors covering their faces. Abroad when they are giving speech do they cover their faces. Why are you covering your face. Why can’t you just go and test yourself so that you know if you have Coronavirus. We have problem here.
“Let them give money to all of them so that they can calm down. Let them just share money to all the Governors so that they can leave Nigeria alone. They really need money. They’ve given Lagos state money so they should give them money so that all these closures will stop.
“The Federal government is hearing me. Let them give the Governors small small money so that all these 5 days and 21 days closure would stop. Like Rivers state they should give them money because they produce oil so that all these closures should stop.”
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