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When You Copy, Learn Also How To Paste – The Nigeria Situation




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Look Inward:
WHEN YOU COPY, YOU SHOULD ALSO LEARN TO PASTE: The story of Nigerias approach to solving the Corona virus Crisis.
A friend once told me of one of his secondary school experiences which struck a chord in me. It was about a fellow classmate of his in Government Secondary school Calabar in the early 80’s. It was a new term in a certain class which I cannot recall at the moment. The class teacher was reviewing the examination results of the previous term and he mentioned how Akpan had failed the paper woefully. Akpan, a stutteral protested vehemently. He said, “sir, it is not fair. How come Ubong scored 90percent in that paper and I zero when I copied everything he wrote”. ‘Well’, said the teacher. ‘You scored zero because you copied everything he wrote including his names and exam numbers. You also copied the mistakes he made and the cancellation of the mistakes it was obvious you were copying him without caution.
This makes me to think of the response of Nigeria to the COVID 19 crisis. They sat down and copied everything they saw others nations doing particularly the western nations. They learnt to copy but didnt learn to paste. They never asked themselves if the approach being adopted by these nations was the right one and if these approaches which were probably tailor made to suit their social economic and political background can be adopted or adapted to suit our current situation.
No research was ever made. No research is being made or will be made. We just agreed with them that the disease is deadly and has no cure. You never tried before succumbing to the idea that it has no cure.
Then to make matters worse, we imported Chinese doctors from China when we know that it is wrong for a doctor from Nigeria to go to China and start treating people unless AND excepte he writes our exams.
Then also we are here waiting for a vaccine that will be produced by God knows who.
By the way, am I the only one that observed that the death rate in Nigera to COVID 19 is on the increase and that we dont know the location of whereabouts of Chinese doctors.
Let’s engage our own scientists to go ahead and carry out a proper research on this virus
2. Pull out of the WHO. You ask why?;Is it not funny to know that the major sponsor of the WHO is an individual. And as the saying goes: ” he who pays the piper dictates the tune.’ It’s just like our own NCDC. We on one hand say it is National….. and on the other hand say it is majorly funded by the same person or persons who majorly funds WHO. Sfrics never seem to learn from history. All those who ever came to help Africa or may I say most of or some of those who came or claimed to come and help Africa and Africans always hard a sinister agenda in mind. The came to steal ans plunder and exploit.
3. We need to look inwards for our own home grown solution..
4. We need to reject the laws that were drafted for passage in the house of assembly. These laws that are drafted must ho through laws that were drafted in other nations
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