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Update: WHO offered 20million dollars bribe to see Madagascar Covid 19 cure drug poisoned – Madagascar President




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Are you seeing what #Bill_Gates‘s WHO is up against Madagascar Convid-19 herbs’ solution?
This is why Madagascar President walked out and left WHO for good.
Are other African nations not suppose to join him and speak against Bill Gates and his forced vaccines?
Offering money to poison what is saving lives is the worst WHO has done against Africans and humanity at large!
This is the time Africans rise up and speak up. These vaccines being prepared by Bill Gates is becoming and making us believe it has to do more harm than any good.
If we are quiet we will be forced upon. If we speak against WHO and this evil intentions of poisoning what is developed in Africa, then Africa is doomed.
But because we are a praying Continent, the works of the enemy against us is paralysed already.
Everyone reading this, are Africans with plans to uplift Africans against manipulators of evil on our lives and continent
Thanks to Madagascar President for being active and alert.
We support Madagascar!
We are against Bill Gates forced Vaccines!
We annul every plans of WHO against African continent
We are winners against forces trying to poison our common shared resources.
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