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Family Life: Is My Dad Trying To Have An Extramarital Affair?




Ever since this lockdown I have been home with my parents and there is a way my dad looks at one particular lady whenever she comes around to buy things in my mother’s shop which I think is inappropriate. He teases her and calls her sweet names also. As a guy I have tried not to take it serious since it’s one thing a lot of men do but I am beginning to suspect my dad for trying to have an extramarital affair with this said woman. She is beautiful though and she is still a young woman while my dad is in his fifties.

Now today, My father asked this same woman who happens to be a female tailor and makes female clothes to help him fix a zip in one of his trousers, which has possibly gone bad.

The woman blushed and didn’t really give him much attention or any reasonable answer while he was busy saying it repeatedly till the woman left. I find this a little bit disturbing and inappropriate and possibly giving wrong signals. I mean it’s not like it’s a new clothe the woman was making for him or something. .

Another reason why I find this inappropriate and indecent is that, the zip can actually be fixed by any of these aboki people that mend clothes. Aboki do pass around my area every now and then, even yesterday they passed. So I want to know if my dad is up to something? And if he is, well i will just know for knowing sake.

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