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Celebrities: Halima Abubakar says she posted another person’s baby on her IG because her new born is still in ICU




The actress says her baby is still in the Intensive Care Unit and will be discharged soon.

Halima Abubakar says the reason she initially didn’t share a photo of her baby, was because he was born prematurely.

The actress recently welcomed a baby boy.

In a post shared via her Instagram page on Thursday, April 9, 2020, the actress said the reason she didn’t share the original photo of her baby, was because he was born prematurely. “He will be discharged tmr from icu.i didn’t post cos he was premature. God saved him. I just had to post this. For the people who didn’t see me, I have no close friends. I can’t show you a fragile child, I risked this just to post,” she wrote.

“@ruggedybaba update paddy mi. i Had to do this. Thank you. Be safe and stay safe. THE WORLD JUDGE WITHOUT KNOWING. I JUST HAD TO POST THIS AND HAVE A GOOD DAY✊?mummy m❤️

Abubakar’s latest action is coming barely a few hours after an American mom, Ariel called her out for stealing her baby’s photo.

The American in question, with the Instagram handle, @the_arielb shared photos of her baby While calling out the Nigerian actress.

Ariel went on to share screenshots of conversations between herself and Abubakar where she appealed to the actress to take down the photo of her baby from her Instagram page.

Abubakar announced the arrival of her baby on Monday, April 6.

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