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Romance: The Truth Is Your Woman Talks About Your Performances In Bed With Her Friends




Women gossip amongst themselves about sex even more than men. They go into more details. You know the size, how long you lasted, and so on.

Just pray that you satisfy your woman if not the way her friends will be making mockery of you. You won’t like it. I’m telling you.

How would you feel If after having sex with your woman and she said to you i didn’t cum, baby you are not satisfying me. It will hurt you right?

I know for a fact that most women are not that straightforward. Some will look for a way to tell you nicely in order not to destroy your ego.

Some women will not even tell you at all. They would rather lie to you and pretend then when you travel or go for work they would cheat on you with the gateman. LOLzzzzzzzz!

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