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Dino Ask FG to stop installation of 5G masts in Nigeria due to coronavirus conspiracy




Following a conspiracy theory that 5G technology is responsible for the spread of coronavirus all over the world, Ex-Senator, Dino Melaye has called on the Federal Government not to allow the installation of 5G masts in Nigeria.

In a 4 minutes 30 seconds video he published on YouTube on Friday, April 3, 2020, Dino argued that 5G masts help to mobilise flu that comes in the form of coronavirus pandemic.

Describing the technology as evil and killer, the former senator said he had seen videos of birds and animals dropping dead because they get close to places where the 5G masts are installed.

The senator also called on network service providers in Nigeria to demobilise their 5G infrastructure within the parameter space of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He said, “5G helps to mobilise flu that comes in the form of coronavirus pandemic. And this is also helping to kill the immune system. So those with weaker immune systems and underlying medical conditions like diabetics, hypertension, respiratory and cancerous problems are easily consumed by reactions from 5G technology”.

He further said that people will stop dying of coronavirus if the installation of 5G infrastructure can be stopped.

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