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Covid 19 Donations: Sanwo-Olu Won’t Escape Probe After The Pandemic – PDP




The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Lagos state chapter has said Governor Babajide Sanwo- Olu will be made to account for monies spent during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The party also said it has raised almost N500m in cash and materials as part measures aimed at cushioning the lockdown in the state due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The party in a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Taofik Gani also described as a ruse the relief packages provided by the Lagos state government to the people of the state.

We agree that having physical contacts be eliminated or greatly minimised to stop the pandemic, COVID-19. Unfortunately, this style of lockdown was copied from Europe with a better welfare system for citizens and residents, whereas the Lagos state government has rather become propagandists over so- called efforts to ameliorate pains of the stay at home, lockdown order”.

“The reliefs claimed to be going to homes and or the vulnerable are all false. Seriously hyped. Sanwo-Olu cannot feign any ignorance of this. Barrage of videos, audios, pictures abound exposing the inhumanity of a government to her citizens by the manner and quantity of reliefs going around the state”.

“The so -called agric products and Bread are so dehumanising that we have evidence of a loaf, 3kg Rice, 3kg beans, dried pepper being distributed at ration of a bag to 50 residents.

It is so bad that donors have even raised quarrels with the state government”.

“The Governor cannot escape probe of his spendings during this scourge. He is distracting with frequent media show and telling lies and giving fake promises. Recently he said there would be free surgeries and care for all admitted, especially the pregnant. Lagosians are not excited”.

“They know its political statement. Where are the hospitals?. Where are the motivated health officers in the state? Every opportunity has been strikes. Even when you had to pay at Lagos hospitals, you did not get best prompt services, so who will believe his fake palliative?”.

” We believe Sanwoolu is holding over 56billion Naira, by our estimation, remember that LSSTF should have realised over 500billion over the periods, but we can only thank Gtbank said to have donated the isolation center at Onikan. This government is very Fake in objectives and implementations”.

“Sanwo-Olu should go beyond briefing like a doctor. He should leave much of such briefings to his health commissioner.

Sanwo-Olu Should monitor the reliefs distribution. The few on the streets are given to APC members. Even the APC members have condemned the stuffs in many areas. Less than 15% of the areas in Lagos state is reached. We challenge the government to beat her chest and make public spendings on so called food distributions”.

We are expecting that Sanwo-Olu should put stop to any taxation from March till end of this scourge.

Also he must immediately ensure that every Ward has a market center selling subsidised Agric produce. We ask where are the claimed produce of various agric investments within and outside the state, as far as Northern States.

He promised to use schools as centres for government food markets, how many of such exist?”

“Again as notorious he has failed in implementation. Only excellent at making promises and getting propagandists. Lagosians are not convinced, excited, happy. This governor is only getting deceived by those around him that he is on top of this pandemic in the state.

We reiterate, Sanwoolu will be dragged to relevant Agencies local and international to account for all monies, local & international donations”.

“The Lagos state PDP commends the private (individual and corporate) donors. They have again risen above the government to help situations. Indeed every household & community had always been state government to itself, providing all amenities: Water, roads, security, information etc”

“On our part as a party with our leader, Chief Olabode George, leading the donations, we have mobilised near N500,000,000 in cash and materials. These are distributed by our members and well wishers to the vulnerable at their various neighbourhood and nearby locations

We pray the Lord save our lives through this period” .

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