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Funny: Toasting According To Profession




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My eyes are so focused on u like i’m carrying out an operation, ur love runs through my veins even withouth an injection, my love 4 u is HIV, i can only prevent it but can’t cure it. A thousand Vitamin c can not give me the sweetness that comes with ur love, hope u can hear the heart beat even without using stethoscope. I cant stop thinking about u.
My heart has been found guilty of beating 4 u on daily basis. I know my love for u is not in the constitution but pls can i lie my way into ur heart? Our love will i defend even when the judge overrules, i will quote subjection of any written lie i can find just to get u out on bail.
In ur heart i have planted the seed of growth and happiness, even without manure it grows steadily and without delay, i have tilled my heart to the ground and no soil compares to u, like Loamy soil, u are fertile for planting and harvesting. Be with me and let me feed u with love that tastes better than a new yam

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